Our Beliefs

From the time of the Apostles to today, Christians have always laid out their doctrine in brief, definitive statements. These statements of faith have always been helpful in summarizing what the church believes, in promoting unity, and guarding the church from error.  At Christ Reformed Church, our Statement of Faith comes from the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith as seen below. To read a particular section of our confession, click on any of the titles below.

The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith in Modern English



Chapter 1 – The Holy Scriptures

Chapter 2 – God and the Holy Trinity

Chapter 3 – God’s Decree

Chapter 4 – Creation

Chapter 5 – Divine Providence

Chapter 6 – The Fall of Mankind,

                    and Sin and Its Punishment

Chapter 7 – God’s Covenant

Chapter 8 – Christ the Mediator

Chapter 9 – Free Will

Chapter 10 – Effectual Calling

Chapter 11 – Justification

Chapter 12 – Adoption

Chapter 13 – Sanctification

Chapter 14 – Saving Faith

Chapter 15 – Repentance to Life

                      and Salvation

Chapter 16 – Good Works

Chapter 17 – The Perseverance of

                      the Saints

Chapter 18 – Assurance of Grace

                      and Salvation

Chapter 19 – The Law of God

Chapter 20 – The Gospel and the

                      Extent of Its Grace

Chapter 21 – Christian Liberty and

                      Liberty of Conscience

Chapter 22 – Religious Worship and

                      the Sabbath Day

Chapter 23 – Lawful Oaths and Vows

Chapter 24 – Civil Government

Chapter 25 – Marriage

Chapter 26 – The Church

Chapter 27 – The Communion of Saints

Chapter 28 – Baptism and the

                      Lord’s Supper

Chapter 29 – Baptism

Chapter 30 – The Lord’s Supper

Chapter 31 – The State of Humanity

                      after Death and the

                      Resurrection of the Dead

Chapter 32 – The Last Judgment

Additional documents helpful in the expression of the true, Biblical faith include the Belgic Confession (A.D. 1561), the Canons of Dordt (A.D. 1618-1619), and the Heidelberg Catechism (A.D. 1563).  These documents and the other writings of John Calvin and the Puritans have a secondary role to Scripture.  We encourage the reading of the Holy Bible first and foremost (Ecclesiastes 12:11-14).

Social Justice, Marxism, Anti-Americanism

We denounce the false, different gospel (Galatians 1:6-10) being promulgated in Christianity known by such names as: New Calvinism (https://www.newcalvinist.com/), Neo-Calvinism, and "Young, Restless, Reformed."  Its doctrines include social justice, socialism, communism, Marxism, liberation theology, progressivism (so called), critical race theory, racial reconciliation (so called, because it actually causes racial strife), white privilege, white guilt, intersectionality, violence, reparations, idolatry, evolutionism, feminism (including easy divorce, female pastors), sodomy (homosexuality), sexual orientation, freedom to sin (antinomianism, no Ten Commandments), the infringement of religious freedom against Christians, the murder of babies, Arminianism, Libertarian Freewillism, Catholicism, universalism (everyone will be saved, including Satan), inclusivism (people are saved if they respond to whatever knowledge, even if they do not believe in Christ), Marcionism, Dispensationalism, New Covenant Theology (so called), celebritism, hedonism, and materialism.

These are destructive heresies (2 Peter 2) contrary to Scripture and they subvert a peaceful, American society (and worldwide, for that matter) where Christians may freely preach the true Gospel (1 Timothy 2:1-7).  These destructive and demonic heresies are usually foisted on society by the Democrat Party, schools, universities (including Christian colleges and seminaries), the media, social media, and the entertainment industry.  They have infiltrated churches and denominations, and now we have an entirely apostate and perverted Christianity which shows no resemblance to Biblical beliefs and conduct.

Our church (ChristReformedChurchDFW.org) is Reformed in the original sense of the term in the 1500 to 1600s.  We reject the heretical beliefs of most of the Reformed and Calvinistic churches today, especially those in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church in America, the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (https://www.arbca.com/), in websites (TheGospelCoalition.org; DesiringGod.org; and others), and in conferences (Gospel Coalition, T4G, G3, Shepherds' Conference, Fight Laugh Feast Network).  These heretics include Timothy Keller, D.A. Carson, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, J.D. Greear, Danny Akin, Mark Dever, John Piper (http://www.therealjohnpiper.com/), Matt Chandler, David Platt, Alistair Begg, Doug Wilson, Jeff Durbin, John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Josh Buice, and numerous others (https://www.newcalvinist.com/).  These men either explicitly or implicitly support the heresies above.  The Biblical approach can be found in this series of sermons: https://www.christreformedchurch.net/sermons/watch-out/.